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Welcome to As-Mobel. The wide range of our products and services are fully presented here. We are the company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Starting from 1984, AS is a name that resembles us and is associated with us. We hope you have enough time to visit until your final decision for all the products we also offer: Furniture for your home, Furniture and various elements, furniture for Businesses, Markets, Bars, etc.
Our 40-year experience of permanent work in building a wide list of our customers and consumers, the hiring of new staff made it possible for us today to have easy access and our re-formation, with a new facility from 2012 AS MOBEL This time with a branch new added to our products. It is PVC - Doors and Windows.

There are enormous differences in the materials in terms of quality, feel and longevity determine whether a piece of furniture lasts five or twenty years holds. should hold. For furniture that you will enjoy for decades, AS MOBEL only uses high-quality materials. > Panel + MDF material, coloring on request > windows and doors made of PVC (Aluplast/DE) & aluminum (Profilco/GR) > The documents are created in PDF format and contain all of them essential project features. > All requirements are worked out specifically to the customer's wishes Each project is carried out according to the customer's requirements. You are always welcome with us!

The buyer checks the products of the company AS MOBEL immediately after receipt for any defects. If, exceptionally, a defect is found, the customer reports this within 5 days after receipt of the products. send. The buyer undertakes to provide a photo of any defects found and a small description to the following email address [email protected] Damage caused by wear and tear, aging and improper handling. The warranty expires if products, despite recognizable defects, are Buyer to be processed or modified.

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